A Smart Card is formally described as "an integrated circuit card with memory capable of making decisions." Because they are equipped with a tiny microprocessor that can be programmed to carry out specific tasks for he end-user without relying on an internet infrastructure, Smart Cards have an advantage over magnetic cards like regular plastic credit cards. A broad variety of applications may be integrated into a single card, and they can hold up to a thousand times more data than other conventional media. Furthermore, each application can have its own logical area on the card and can have thousands of reads and writes performed on it. Therefore, it is not unexpected that smart cards have now started to spread throughout practically every industry.

A smart card's processing capability also makes it possible to combine many functionalities seamlessly. For instance, government benefit cards can be used to give customers access to additional services like healthcare facilities or job training programs. Similar to this, a college ID card may be used to make phone calls, buy meals, or even utilize the campus cyber cafe's Internet connection.

ID Card and Smart Card Solutions

  • ID verification and access control cards for employees (Single/Multi doors).
  • Pre-defined network access control cards for employees.
  • Pre-defined door access control system for visitors.
  • RFID authentication cards for labs, hospitals, factories etc.
  • Travel identity cards (D/L, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Passports, etc.,)
  • Payphone cards.
  • Smart Banking & Retail cards.
  • Electronic purse cards.
  • Health care cards.
  • Pay per view cable account card.
  • Pre-defined door access control system for hotel inmates.
  • Pay and park card.
  • Automatic fare collection cards for Public transport systems.