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Our agile software development approach will provide strategic direction, expert engineering, and product management. In every phase of development, our professionals follow strict standards and guidelines that define the functionality of an application. Besides, we use upgraded versions of the technologies for application development. Through these application development services, we aim to deliver the best possible solutions in low costs. Further, throughout the development process, we keep in view the factors like uninterrupted performance, reduced maintenance costs, easy navigation and user satisfaction.

Software Solutions Include:

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Enhancements & Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Version Upgrades
  • Technical services
  • ERP /CRM Implementation
  • Customized application Development
  • Application Management
  • Migration & Re- Engineering
  • Testing

  • Application Development & Maintenance Services

    In today's competitive environment, companies face several tough challenges in developing and maintaining custom applications right from ensuring applications meet business requirements to providing appropriate level of sustenance and support. We are committed to the development of high quality software, meeting the standards set by the client/ customer. We make use of the latest technologies, processes, paradigms, development tools and design approaches; facilitating easy integration with a large number of applications and technologies. We bring exceptional value to the clients through a reduced cost of software development, outstanding quality, reliability, and efficient customer service. Hence we are well qualified to help you with your development and consulting needs from conception to delivery of your software requirements. We have vast experience in designing, developing and maintaining enterprise class applications on a multitude of technology platforms.

    Enhancements & Optimization

    We take small modules, parts of your product and develop new modules based on the new criteria. Our focus covers enhancements across diverse technology platforms and architectures. We also take up assignments to optimize your product for improving its performance, functionality, scalability and flexibility to adapt to new technologies. Additionally, these optimizations can help you eliminate inefficiencies in the product.

    Project Management

    Project Management Outsourcing is a refreshing approach to providing clients with access to professional project management expertise, whilst being able to retain their internal capability at its current level. Because of our wide industry sector experience, we offer the flexibility to provide additional project resources if and when necessary. The use of our project management outsourcing support gives customers access to an expert team who can provide a total project development and implementation solution. The project management service offered by Sumukha concentrates on the three prime issues of time, cost and quality. We ensure that the client is provided with a cohesive, coherent reporting structure that keeps managers informed at all times. Working in collaboration with our clients from concept to completion has helped to have a flexible and responsive pool of resources and has given access to our wide networks, new technologies, skills and the necessary expertise required from simple to highly complex projects.

    ERP /CRM Implementation

    ERP/CRM provides clients access to real-time business information vital to their business. Sumukha technologies has an extensive experience in ERP implementation and in extending ERP functionality. We have developed capabilities in architecting scalable and adaptive customer solutions, which support incremental, enhancement with built-in modularity. Sumukha’s ERP/CRM implementation approach and methodologies speed up delivery time and ensures the quality of implementation. It is ensured that the implementation solutions seamlessly integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies being used by the organization.

    Application Management

    Sumukha's Application Management practice offers support services for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, middleware platforms and technologies. The service range from application operations, production support, release and change support and middleware product support.

    Migration & Re- Engineering

    Sumukha's application migration and re engineering services help our clients transition their mission critical application and productions from legacy platforms to newer, state-of-the art technologies. Using our proven methodology, best practices and tools, we successfully migrate and re engineer customer legacy applications.


    For over a decade, our customers have trusted our robust testing processes, specialized tools and testing expertise to help them deliver software and applications faster, and more cost effectively. From large enterprises to start-ups, they have partnered with us specifically to address their software QA challenges; leveraging our services to fulfill their specialized independent software testing needs. Our testing teams leverages our standardized software testing tools, frameworks and accelerators.